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London wedding photography-

Be it English, Asian, or gay, I want your photographs to be natural and honest, bring a rush of happy memories and make you think, “Wow, I look GORGEOUS!” (And, of course, “What a brilliant photographer I had!”)

Natural photos are timeless.

With training in fine and decorative arts from Christie’s, I love a gorgeous setting and am a keen observer of the people and the thousand beautiful moments which make brilliant wedding photography.  Some of these little stories are universal at most weddings – Dad proudly walking the bride down the aisle, the groom’s nervousness and anticipation waiting at the end of the aisle and parents bursting with emotion.  Others are completely unique and funny – all the weddings guests hopping a train to the reception, a groom passing out from nervousness and a bride who wore her running shoes under her dress.  Great wedding photography at any kind of event from gay weddings to segregated Islamic weddings is made up of dozens of small stories which can be captured and remembered through observant, unobtrusive photography.

I take the photographs I would want to see from my wedding (something I think a female photographer is particularly aware of – natural wedding moments), honest moments of hope, happiness, surprise and pride. A friend and fellow photographer calls me a real moment catcher, with which I am delighted. I love all those amazing, unique moments from each individual wedding day and want to capture them whilst also ensuring that everyone looks fabulous.  I call it reportage wedding photography with a friendly, flattering twist.

As a London based wedding photographer for 10 years, I have photographed over 200 weddings so many of London’s best venues – town halls, five-star hotels, friendly pubs and beautiful churches, so get in touch as I can probably show you photos I’ve taken at your venue or something in a similar setting. I’ve covered English weddings, Asian weddings, Jewish weddings and gay weddings (since the beginning in 2006), and I love the uniqueness and diversity that being a wedding photographer in London has offered me over the past 10 year, and I’ve been able to approach each wedding the same – taking natural photographs regardless of the kind of wedding.