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London wedding photography by gay friendly female photographer

I want your London wedding photography, Asian or gay wedding photography to tell your story, bring a rush of happy memories and make you think, “Wow, I look GORGEOUS!” (And, of course, “What a brilliant photographer I had!”)

With training in fine and decorative arts from Christie’s, I love a gorgeous setting and am a keen observer of the people and the thousand beautiful moments which make brilliant wedding photography.  Some of these little stories are universal at most weddings – Dad proudly walking the bride down the aisle, the groom’s nervousness and anticipation waiting at the end of the aisle and parents bursting with emotion.  Others are completely unique and funny – all the weddings guests hopping a train to the reception, a groom passing out from nervousness and a bride who wore her running shoes under her dress.  Great wedding photography at any kind of event from gay weddings to segregated Islamic weddings is made up of dozens of small stories which can be captured and remembered through observant, unobtrusive photography.

I take the photographs I would want to see from my wedding (something I think a female photographer is particularly aware of), honest moments of hope, happiness, surprise and pride. A friend and fellow photographer calls me a real moment catcher, with which I am delighted. I love all those amazing, unique moments from each individual wedding day and want to capture them whilst also ensuring that everyone looks fabulous.  I call it reportage wedding photography with a friendly, flattering twist.


A few words that describe me…

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and if that is true then your wedding day should be the great English novel. You know how you want to remember details of the important moments in your life? How you want to slow down time and savour everything? How you want to share stories and the feelings from a special day of your life with your partner, you parents, you siblings and your kids? That is what I want my London wedding photography to do for you – stop time. Stop it a hundred times on your amazing day. That way you can nestled down in a really, really great book of your wedding any time you like.
There’s the shot every guest takes at the wedding. Usually it’s on a camera phone. It’s blurry and not well-framed. It made the guest actually miss part of the wedding to take it. It’s not even worth having. Then there’s the shot I will take as you wedding photographer. It’s taken on a professional camera, with a professional lens. It’s sharp, thoughtfully framed, keenly observed and didn’t interfere with the wedding at all. It’s a moment frozen the way you’d want it to be frozen. It’s why you hire a professional female wedding photographer. It’s why I get paid to take photographs and the other people there are invited for their company.
I enjoy weddings, love photography and am a people person. I will never look grumpy on your wedding day. You’ll never find me off having a smoke or a cheeky phone call. I can keep your mum happy in the knowledge that she is getting all the family photographs she wants to put on the mantel. I can make the most camera shy groom admit that he had fun being photographed. I can chase the kids into a photo and get them to laugh. It’s what I’d want from my wedding photography.
Taking beautiful photographs isn’t the whole job. There’s a whole package. A professional service. I offer an initial consultation to get to know my clients and what they want to see in their photography. I want to know their personality so I can capture what will have the most meaning to them. Professional cameras, lenses and lighting. It’s expensive, but its what helps make my wedding photography worth thousands of pounds. All photographs are backed up as soon as I complete a wedding. They are saved to the cloud afterwards. All photographs are processed and returned with 3-5 weeks of your wedding date. Without exception. Professional.
I go to a lot of weddings. I go to gay weddings, Asian wedding, segregated Islamic weddings, civil ceremonies,Jewish and church weddings. Really, I got to a lot of weddings. Since starting as a full-time professional photographer in 2006, I have photographed over 300 weddings in London and throughout the UK. I photographed my first civil partnership in 2006 and my first same-sex gay wedding in Londonon the first legal day in 2014. It all means that on the day I can think on my feet and deal with whatever happens in a friendly, professional manner.

I offer not just London wedding photography and gay wedding photography, but also baby, families, corporate and event photography.

As a two-time mum myself, I get it. You’d like some gorgeous photos of your little one and new enlarged family but with minimal fuss and looking great none-the-less. The Iphone and uncle Bob aren’t a patch on what a friendly, professional, female photographer can achieve in under an hour. It’s more reasonably priced and straight-forward than you might imagine. Get in touch.
All 4, 5, 6, 10 of you looking great at once, arranged naturally and happy. Impossible for anyone other than a professional. Trained in professional wedding photography, I am able to arrange and capture family groups efficiently and beautifully in a quick session, so get in touch if you have a group of people you’d love to capture in a photograph and have forever. I’m based as a London photographer but am happy to travel as well.
Modern, professional and flattering corporate portraits in London and the Southeast.  I have offered photography for small businesses, prestigious law firms and clergy at St. Michael’s in Highgate.  References are available upon request.
With my wedding photography and gay wedding experience, I’m pretty fab at all kinds of parties and receptions. Being based in North London’s Highgate and Hampstead, I also photograph at lots fo children’s birthday parties. For photography of reportage moments, dancing, details and groups, I’m your London female photographer.