Arumza and Daniel – beautiful wedding photography at Richmond Park Pembroke Lodge

I was delighted last spring when I had a message from Arumza asking about being the wedding photographer at Pembroke Lodge for her on the 13th of September, as I had photographed her sister’s wedding several years ago and remembered her (and the whole lovely family). I knew that the day would be stylish yet relaxed and that the setting of Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park in September would be beautiful with great grounds and sunset views.

The day didn’t disappoint. There were beautiful decorations and styling (done by a very talented friend of Arumza’s who I was told worked in IT and not events at all). What struck me as unique about the day was their closeness as a couple to their families and their friends. The siblings, spouses, and parents on Arumza’s side, both the older ones and younger ones, all were really good friends, and that mood of friendship made the a reasonably-sized wedding feel intimate and cosy. Daniel’s sweet little boy chatted happily with his proud grandmother and played with his friend and the little nieces and nephew from the Rashid side. Arumza’s and Daniel’s friends helped with the logistics, laughed and enjoyed the happy day, delicious food and fab band and dancing.

Arumza and Daniel wanted natural, reportage wedding photos of the day which showed the little stories and their families and friends. This made it super hard to choose for the blog, so scoot on over the web-gallery for the complete set of wedding photos with little bridesmaids, page boys, family groups, drinks in the sunshine, brilliant speeches, lots of dancing, cake-cutting, crazy hats and more to celebrate in photography the wedding of this sweet, special couple at Pembroke Lodge.

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