Civil Partnership Photography for Carly and Kirstie at Islington Town Hall

Carly and Kirstie came to me as I had photographed a friend of theirs wedding many years ago now, and I was very excited to hear about their civil partnership plans which included their big, close families with lots of siblings and children who were clearly really important to the girls. When they requested a photo booth with dress up costumes, I knew it was going to be a very fun day, and it didn’t disappoint.

Despite the shocking spring weather we’ve had this year, Kirstie and Carly seemed to have summoned up the sunshine for a bright and festive day. They started at different hotels in the morning, so I have my lovely colleague Veronika Lukasova to thank for Carly’s stunning photos, and then we all made our way on double decker buses to Islington Town Hall for a beautiful ceremony and lots of family and friend photos on the steps. Then it was off to 8 Club in Moorgate for drinks, yum-yums, lots of laughing and some of the best speeches I’ve heard in ages!

I was really happy with the funny, happy wedding photography which came from their amazing civil partnership!

Venue addresses:

Islington Town Hall
Upper Street
London N1 2UD
020 7527 2000

Eight Club, Moorgate
1 Dysart Street,
London EC2A 2BX
020 7392 9410