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Newborn baby twins photography

This is a belated post from January when I had the great pleasure of photographing these gorgeous newborn twin babyView full post »

Hit me, Baby, one more time…Highgate baby photographer

So I am showing my Southern roots and love of Britney here…true colours and all that. If you’re lookingView full post »

Family and Baby Photography for Eva’s and Caryn’s Birthdays

I met Caryn in Pushy Mothers exercise class, when she attended with her second daughter Eva, so I was delighted to seeView full post »

Baby Photographer for Quinn

I met Renee and Quinn at my Pushy Mothers buggy class, so I already knew that Quinn, while one of the cutest babies inView full post »

Baptism Photography for Anyeran at St. Michael’s Highgate

I had the honour of taking Baptism photography for Anairan at St. Michael’s Highgate N6, which is myView full post »

Baby, I’m back!

So I am back! After 9 1/2 glorious mummy months since last August (ok, so I did sneak in a few weddings along the way),View full post »

My favourite baby in the world!!!

Just in case anyone has been wondering where I have been and why no wedding blogs since July, I had a gorgeous baby boyView full post »