Wedding Photojournalism for Norma and Neal in Birmingham

I was thrilled when Neal and Norma got in touch with me about their wedding photojournalism at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham because I recognized the surname, Rughani. I have photographed for this lovely extended family almost a half a dozen times over the past few years at several Indian weddings and ceremonies in London and Birmingham, so I knew that not only is this a super-friendly family, but that they also really know how to throw and enjoy a party.

Neal indeed is the brother of a past bride whose Asian wedding I photographed, so there was definitely going to be so many friendly and familiar faces.

The day did not disappoint. The unique and stylish Nora arrived in a 1954 American caddy and fishtail dress to die for. Clearly with an independent spirit and flair, it didn’t surprise me to learn that Nora is an accomplished artist. Her charm and cheek shone through – in her dress, her wedding vows and her expressions throughout the day and night.

Wedding photojournalism was the perfect match of photography style for this happy, independent and fun couple, and I do feel that I got quite a few cracking shots which capture the spirit of Neal and Norma.

Neal has done much of the planning and organizing for the details of the day, and I must say I was gobsmacked at what a wonderful job he did. From decorations to some of the best Asian food I have ever had at a wedding, Neal was on the ball. He also was so lovely with his speech and thanked and complimented everyone for his or her part in the wedding celebrations. It is easy to see why this happy couple has such a big group of friends, and I am honoured to count myself amongst them.